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The 2021 Employee Experience Imperative

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We all know the old ways of working are gone, but what does that mean for the way C-suite leaders think about supporting, equipping, and engaging workers across the enterprise?

To find out, we conducted our annual survey on over 3,000 employees at large enterprise companies in North America and Europe. The survey gathered insights on a range of topics from health and safety to business continuity, productivity, and the future of work.

The research revealed three key themes that shed important light on how employees in the field, at home, and at the office are feeling:

  • There’s a need for C-suite-driven resilience and wellbeing: Just 53% of employees agree that their organization has taken sufficient steps to help them manage the stress of working remotely.
  • In a new world of hybrid work, the digital experience takes center stage: 63% of respondents indicate a preference towards some amount of remote work, while just 15% prefer a permanent remote work situation.
  • Employees see both complexity and opportunity within the new talent landscape: 62% of employees agree COVID-19 will have a significant impact on their work experience for years to come (among desk workers working remotely, this incidence is as high as 72%).

Download the report now to learn more about these insights and to explore how you can drive productivity, engagement, and innovation with your hybrid workforce from anywhere.

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