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Why choose Consegna and Amazon WorkSpaces?


With Amazon WorkSpaces, your deskops and mission-critical data are hosted on the AWS cloud, and never on end-user devices, allowing you to embrace virtual deskops and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices with the confidence that your data is secure



Your users can access familiar desktops with full fidelity from the device of their choice. WorkSpaces integrates with your Active Directory so users can use existing credentials to access organizational resources.


Easy to Manage

The Amazon WorkSpaces admin console allows you to easily add or remove users, and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager simplifies the deployment and management of applications.

Introducing Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces turns your corporate desktop environment into an easy to use, managed cloud service, providing your users secure, convenient access to the applications, documents, and resources they need, on the device of their choice from anywhere with internet connectivity.

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What can you do with website hosting from AWS and Consegna?



When users access their desktops using Amazon WorkSpaces, a remote display protocol is used to compress, encrypt, and encode data so that only images are transmitted.

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Amazon WorkSpaces provides a fast, familiar experience across all of your users’ favorite devices. It also integrates with your on-premises network and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing your users to continue using their existing corporate credentials, and the IT department to maintain existing policies and processes.

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Easy to Manage

AWS Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, so you can focus on your users and their productivity. 

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Learn how to start using Amazon WorkSpaces.



Learn how to start using Amazon WAM.



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At Consegna, we assist our clients by providing them with a fit for purpose Cloud experience. Our approach is a completely collaborative one, which recognises each client's unique requirements and challenges. We provide a customised Cloud strategy, formulate an outcomes focussed Cloud migration roadmap, and offer support to our clients every step of the way.

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