Drive security and success with cloud governance

Create a robust cloud governance strategy

Driving success and security in the cloud starts with a robust cloud governance posture. Effective cloud governance helps you run your business well and keep it safe from a number of avoidable risks.

Start with an understanding how the four pillars of cloud governance—visibility, configuration, operations, and risk— affect the security of your cloud assets. AWS and Skyloop Cloud can help you develop best practices for continuously monitoring, assessing, and optimizing each pillar, and make cloud governance an integral part of your computing strategy.



Maintain an accurate, detailed, and up-to-date view of your cloud infrastructure



Ensure compliance by continually finding, addressing, and tracking misconfigurations



Automate processes to detect, report, and remediate operational issues


Optimize cloud resources to reduce the likelihood of data breaches, system vulnerabilities, and errors

Skyloop Cloud Security Assessment

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